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Pakistani Taliban suspends peace talk with government
Pakistani Taliban suspends peace talk with government

Islam Times - The Pakistani Taliban suspended peace talks with Pakistan government, accusing officials of not being serious toward the peace initiative this Monday...






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Israeli spying network discovered in Pakistan
Israeli spying network discovered in Pakistan

Islam Times - The recent arrest by the Pakistani authorities of an alleged Israeli spy led it seems to the discovery of an entire spy cell network which purpose was to gather information on Pakistan's nuclear facilities.

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Dickinson 0-0 6-0
Washington College 0-0 6-0
Ursinus 0-0 5-0
Gettysburg 0-0 4-2
Muhlenberg 0-0 4-3
Frank. & Marsh. 0-0 3-3
Haverford 0-0 3-3
McDaniel 0-0 3-5
Swarthmore 0-0 1-4